SRS Conveyors: Custom Conveyor Solutions
ERIE Manufacturing

Excited to announce that Erie Manufacturing and GCSI have been acquired by SRS Conveyors!

ERIE Manufacturing Garment Conveyor Systems Inc

Trump Vancouver

Another installation for Trump International Hotels for our S700 automated uniform conveyor and Garment Management Software.

Tiger Resort/Philippines

SRS provides 16 S-700 auto-uniform conveyors  for  6,000 employees complete with RFID tracking  at the new Tiger Resort in the Philippines.


Modernizing San Francisco’s Museum of Modern Art with SRS automated coat check conveyor system.

Wynn Macau

SRS provides a fully automated uniform sorting and re-distribution for 18 S-700 auto uniform conveyors.  This system services 7,000 employees, 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Doubling up for Rama

SRS provides additional storage for uniforms and garments with its ALL-FLEX  single and double tier uniform conveyor for Casino Rama.

The Wynn

SRS Conveyor S-700 auto-uniform conveyor offers 24/7 uniform distribution and Garment Managing Software for 7,000 employees at the Wynn Casino and Resort in Macau.

Cintas Seattle

Cintas Seattle

Incorporates SRS Conveyors trolley splitter system to maximize truck loading & storage.

Toronto Overhead Trolley System

Toronto Overhead Trolley System

Optimize your overhead route storage system where drivers select their route & number of trolleys for loading.

Trump Washington

SRS Conveyors installs it’s S700 automated uniform conveyors  in the new Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C.

The Quin New York

With low ceiling and a tight fit, SRS designs and installs its new S700 automated uniform conveyor for the new Quin Hotel in New York City.

Regent Casino – Winnipeg

Maximizing every cubic foot to store 5,000 garments on our fully automated coat check conveyor system.

Ritz Carlton

Ritz Carlton

Ritz Carlton , New York, Central Park provides Five Star Service to their employees by installing our automated S700 uniform conveyor and software.

Aramark relies on SRS

Aramark relies on SRS soil monorail system and self standing structure for their new plant west of Toronto.

Clean Storage Up And Away

G&K Services incorporates SRS clean storage monorail to maximize their clean storage laundry along with lower safety netting.

Over Building

SRS utilizes overall height to provide soil monorail storage by building over existing equipment.

Clean Rail Here We Go

G&K Services adds SRS clean monorail for their ironers and flooders complete with a self standing structure.

Making It Work

SRS incorporates a new wash floor monorail system in an already tight space within its existing layout.

Structure Anywhere

SRS provides a full structural solution for all its soil and clean monorail systems.

SRS Fully Automated Monorail System

AmeriPride automates their rail mat wash Floor with SRS  fully automated sling loading monorail system complete with empty trolley/sling return.

Le Chateau’s Distribution Centre

Le Chateau’s distribution centre in Montreal sorts over 70,000 garments a shift with the H800 LG and S-200 Sort Controller.

Macau City of Dreams chooses SRS Conveyors Model FC

Macau City of Dreams chooses SRS Conveyors Model FC – U shaped uniform conveyor for performers of The House of Dancing Water, the world’s largest water show.

Hospital in Prince Edward Island uses SRS Conveyors

Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Prince Edward Island uses SRS Conveyors fully automated soil storage and retrieval monorail to automate their wash floor.

Sault Ste. Marie’s hospital looks to SRS Conveyors

Sault Ste. Marie’s state of the art hospital looks to SRS Conveyors to automate their wash floor with our TC-Monorail.

Lubbock County Jail uses SRS Conveyors S-100

Lubbock County Jail uses SRS Conveyors S-100 to track and store over 3000 inmate property storage bags.

Sorting Conveyor takes Keefer Laundry of Vancouver to the next level

VD-12 Garment Sorting Conveyor takes Keefer Laundry of Vancouver to the next level in garment sorting.

Cleveland County Detention Centre Uses DT-Double Tier Garment Conveyors

Cleveland County Detention Centre in Oklahoma maximizes and keeps track of inmate property storage bags with SRS DT-Double Tier Garment Conveyors.

Introducing our new Auto Uniform S-700

SRS Conveyors introduces our new Auto Uniform S-700that enables employees to retrieve their uniforms automatically.

Avalon Dry Cleaners Chooses SRS Conveyors S-600 Garment Auto Assembly

Avalon Dry Cleaners Chooses SRS Conveyors S-600 Garment Auto Assembly that automatically sorts and assembles garments for their retail stores.

SRS Conveyors Increases Garment Finishing Productivity

SRS Conveyors increases garment finishing productivity with its rotating conveyor.

Cleaners in Toronto Rely on SRS Conveyors

Sketchley Cleaners in Toronto relies on SRS Conveyors for its high speed garment sorting and accuracy.

Trump Towers selects SRS Conveyors

Trump Towers selects SRS Conveyors to install our Auto Uniform S-700 uniform dispensing System.

SRS sorting process is electrically driven by RFID

SRS sorting process is electrically driven by RFID with productivity up to 1500 pieces per hour

SRS H-800 Accumulation

SRS H-800 Accumulation Conveyors autofeeds the S-200 First Sort Conveyor at a rate of 5000 garments per hour eliminating a First Sort operator.

Overhead Conveyor Display’s Plants in Nursery

SRS Overhead Conveyor – Display’s plants in nursery complete with automatic watering system.

Custom Designed Closet Conveyor Model ST

Estate home custom designed closet conveyor Model ST.

Flexible SRS Overhead Conveyor

Flexible SRS Overhead Conveyor provides eye catching display for retail store.

Lock Your Hangers in Place

Lock your hangers in place with our unique garment transporting system.

B&H Photo in New York City Uses SRS

B&H Photo in New York City uses SRS Overhead Conveyors to transfer customer’s orders to the cashiers.

System 100 Digital Conveyor Control

Universal Studios Orlando distributes over 5000 employee uniforms via swipe cards through our System 100 Digital Conveyor Control.

SRS Conveyors New S-600 Assembly Conveyor

SRS Conveyors new S-600 Assembly Conveyor can assemble and tie out an average of 500 garments per hour with increased production and accuracy.

SRS Horizontal Carousels

SRS Horizontal Carousels incorporate akro-bins to keep SKU’s in order.

Dry Cleaner Incorporates S-200 Sortation Conveyor

Dry Cleaner incorporates S-200 Sortation Conveyor to sort 3000 garments per hour.

Power and Free Empty Trolley Transporter

Power and free empty trolley transporter, transfers and stacks empty trolleys in a space saving design.

Fully Automated Conveyor

Fully automated power and free decline conveyor distribute trolleys to drivers for loading.

Fallsview Casino selects SRS

Fallsview Casino selects SRS Conveyors for their automated coat check system.

SRS Vertical Conveyor

SRS Vertical Conveyor transports garments between floors.

New Steam Tunnel Conveyor Offers Industrial Strength

New steam tunnel conveyor offers industrial strength complete with state of the art S-500 counting stations to keep track of individual production.

PSR’s Utilize Ceiling for Maximum Storage

PSR’s (Power Storage Rails) utilize ceiling for maximum storage.

Industrial Strength Steam Tunnel Conveyor

Industrial strength Steam Tunnel Conveyor offers the flexibility and capacity of traveling 600 feet with a single drive unit.

Automation for Today’s Laundry Industry

Auto dispatch for second sort provides the automation required for today’s laundry industry.

SRS Multi Dock Loading System

SRS Multi Dock Loading system enhances your truck garment loading capabilities.

S-200 Optical Key

S-200 optical key pad makes for easy entries for first or second sort.

Royal York Hotel in Toronto looks for SRS Conveyors

Royal York Hotel in Toronto looks for SRS Conveyors to provide the flexibility to move laundry bags.

Estee Lauder chooses SRS

Estee Lauder chooses SRS Conveyors to recycle 1200 boxes an hour.

SRS Kitting Carousels

SRS Kitting Carousels help package software programs and manuals.

Induction Station Reads on the Fly

Induction station reads on the fly to sort 6000 garments per hour.

SRS Industrial Safety

SRS Industrial safety netting allows for flexible installation and access for maintenance.

Whiz-A-Top Picks SRS Conveyors

Whiz-A-Top picks SRS Conveyors to modernize their facility with laundry monorail.

Upgrading Our Garment Transfer Conveyors

SRS Conveyors grows with their customers by upgrading their garment transfer conveyors with the H-800 LG.

High Speed Steam Tunnel Loading Station

High speed Steam Tunnel loading station H-800 LG offers efficient loading and feeds onto the H-800 Accumulation Conveyor to maintain continuous production.

Clip H-800 Accumulation Conveyor

Clip H-800 Accumulation Conveyor allows for continuous feeding for steam tunnel feeder.

Simons Distribution Centre in Quebec Incorporates the TC-200

Simons distribution centre in Quebec incorporates the TC-200 Horizontal Carousel to enhance their on line sales processing.