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Clean And Soil Monorail From SRS

TC Monorail systems are ideal for all types and sizes of laundries, whether you are implementing a laundry monorail in an efficient new laundry or modernizing an older one. A complete overhead system can be designed for any size or type of laundry that will move linen faster, easier through all operating cycles. In addition, we offer a complete range of standard components designed exclusively for laundries that include, rail, suspension parts, trolleys, switches, curves, lift sections, and slant lifts. Accessories include laundry carts, break up and folding tables, belt conveyors, floor supported structures and under guarding/safety netting. Whether you require  a simple gravity flowing system or a fully automated soil and clean loading system, our goal is to provide you with greatly increased production at a reduced cost per pound. Allowing information and technology that  puts management in control, giving you the best return on your investment.

From SRS, trusted leader in the manufacture of all sortation conveyors including laundry monorails. Since 1962.


TC Monorail: Laundry Monorail Operation & Design

TC Laundry Monorail

Soil Sort

After vehicles are unloaded the laundry monorial operator simply transfers goods directly onto trolleys. Gravity will automatically move the trolley to a slant lift that will elevate and discharge at a high point, allowing the trolleys to proceed by gravity to a pre-determined storage rail.  Goods are called out of storage by the sorting operator who empties the bags for the sorting process.   Once emptied, the trolley takes the empty bag through a de-bagger and proceeds to the lower end of the laundry monorail’s system for another cycle.

Soil Storage Wash Loading System

Once slings are loaded and weighed, it is coupled with a trolley and elevated with a vertical lift to the systems high point.  Gravity then transfers the load to a pre-determined classified storage rail.  As needed, slings are called out of storage and positioned to load the washers.  There are many different types of washer loading procedures (front loading, top loading, chutes or hopper loading). We customize the laundry monorail implementation to meet individual plant requirements.  After the loading takes place the empty sling and trolley return to empty storage and await another cycle.

Washer/Extractor to Dryer System

Once washing has been completed the wet product is lifted by a centrally located vertical lift in the wash aisle, offering a quick and efficient way to elevate the work coming out of the washer.  Once elevated, slings are transferred to storage or moved directly to the dryers.  This technique is labour saving and offers quick turn around times.

Clean Storage

Once drying has been complete, the TC-Monorail laundry monorail system will allow clean work to be elevated and transported effortlessly to overhead gravity clean storage.  The operator then selects the clean product to be directed to the final finishing procedures.

Features of Our Laundry Monorial, The TC Monorail

Laundry Monorail Trolleys

TC Monorail trolleys are strong, durable and feature ease of propulsion. The self- aligning trolley articulate to reduce wheel rocking.  They also provide easier rolling, equal wheel loading, and reduced rail and wheel wear.

The trolleys are designed to negotiate the laundry monorail curves without binding.  Load equalizing connections ensure equal loading of all trolley wheels.
The trolley wheel treads are machined with wheel bearings and minimum B-10 of 5,000 hours.  SRS Conveyors has a complete line of trolley fittings available including load eyes, flat swivels, flange swivel load hooks with safety latches, stud swivels, clevis swivels, and adaptors for all types of hoists.

Special trolleys are available for applications requiring bronze wheels, sealed bearings or high temperature bearings.

Monorail Suspension

SRS monorail suspension systems provide maximum security with minimum space requirements.  The laundry monorail system can be suspended directly from the overhead building structures without the need of interfering support columns.  Monorail systems can be mounted with variable hanger rod lengths to position the equipment at any elevation below support structure.

Switches and Curves

Switches provide system flexibility by diverting load from a main rail system to spur rails for storage, sorting or special processing activity areas.  They can also interconnect a number of closed loops.  Curves provide a smooth change in direction of a system and can be bent to any radius to a minimum of 1’-6”.  Rails can also be bent into reverse curve arrangements and provide flexibility in system layouts to permit the most desirable system configuration.

Lift Sections

Lift sections provide vertical movement in a monorail system to move loads from one elevation to another.  Lift sections operate by a trolley moving onto a lift rail that is separate and independent from the incoming and outgoing rails.  The lift rail is then lowered by an air cylinder or hoist to the lower position.  At this lower position, a load can be hooked onto the trolley previously positioned on the lift rail.  The lift rail then raises to the home position, releasing the wheel stops, allowing the loaded trolley to move to its next location. This facile laundry monorail combines movement and security.

  • Standard capacities from 100 to 4000 lbs.  Custom engineered larger capacities available upon request
  • Standard vertical lifts from 4’ – 20’.  Custom engineered longer lift available on request
  • Guided and unguided lift rails available
  • 2 or 3 position lift rails available
  • Very low headroom requirement that provide maximum lift travel
  • Incoming rail, departing rail, and lift rail are all equipped with wheel stops
Lift sections are available in the following configurations:
  • Air operated / air controlled
  • Air operated / electric control
  • Electric operated / electric control
Traffic Logic Controls

SRS Conveyors Traffic Logic Control system is integrated into the laundry monorail and ideally suited to applications where highly programmed flexibility is required.  These systems provide pickup and delivery of loads without operator assistance.  We can provide highly automated systems featuring programmable (process) controllers that can be programmed to raise, lower, store, sort and route coded products.  These automated systems have the versatility to multiple travel routes, different elevations, and accumulation and interface with other handling components.

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From SRS, trusted leader in the manufacture of all sortation conveyors including laundry monorails.

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