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Inmate Property Storage Conveyor S-100

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Inmate Property Storage Conveyor S-100 is a customized solution engineered to meet your inmate storage needs.  The system is completely modular, very flexible and can be designed to fit your building, volume and budget.  We offer two options for the inmate storage conveyor; heavy duty Enclosed Track Caterpillar Drive Conveyor or Sprocket /Carousel  Conveyor.

Benefits of The SRS Conveyors Inmate Property Storage Conveyor S-100

  • Only one person is required to operate the system
  • Fast property retrieval
  • Space savings/maximum space utilization
  • Low maintenance
  • Heavy duty long lasting components
  • Integrate with existing database
  • Optional Enclosed caterpillar design or Open track sprocket design
  • Flexibility for future growth

Inmate Property Storage Conveyors S-100: Specifications

Inmate Property – Assigning/Loading

The attendant assigns a location on the conveyor for the new inmate based on availability. By simply entering in the location number on the S-100 controller, the conveyor will take the shortest route bringing the designated location to the access retrieval/loading point.

Inmate Property — Returning

The attendant simply enters in the inmate’s property bag location in the S-100 controller. The conveyor will take the shortest route bringing the designated location to the access retrieval point. Empty bag is then placed on the conveyor for future use.

Safety and Security

SRS Inmate Property Storage Conveyor S-100 is fully designed to maintain security, safety and sanitation. The system is closed in completely and access is limited to authorized staff allowing for an efficiently organized property room that is less likely to have be lost or stolen.

System 100 Digital Conveyor Control:

Significantly minimize your retrieval time and maximize your customer service with the state of the art System 100 Digital Conveyor Controller. It has all the advanced features that you require and can also be fully integrated with innovative systems.


  • Shortest path taken
  • Stacks multiple requests
  • Prioritize the queue
  • Forward / reverse manual control
  • Secondary hand or foot control integration
  • Remote terminal control
  • Accommodates multiple tier conveyors
  • Network multiple conveyors via daisy chain
  • Fully integrated with POS of garment tracking software systems
  • Optional customer information displayed
  • Ability to integrate with other conveyor manufacturers

Hand Control

  • Bi-directional hand control Mounted on conveyor frame or remotely

Foot Control

  • Bi-directional foot control
Property Storage Bags

We carry a wide range of property storage bags to meet your requirements.  Made from solid vinyl coated fabric with a mesh fabric panel, the property storage bags allows for ventilation and helps  control odor.

  • Heavy gauge chrome plated hanger
  • Heavy-duty lockable brass zipper provides maximum security
  • Document sleeve and inside pocket with velcro closure
  • Grommets in bottom panel provide additional ventilation
  • Designed for use with automated conveyor system

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