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Excited to announce that Erie Manufacturing and GCSI have been acquired by SRS Conveyors!

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Branching Out for Continued Success

Let’s face it, it’s easy to get into a rut. And once you’re in, it takes extra effort to jump out of the rut and go in new directions. But having various avenues in which your business provides services can help ensure steady income in times of economic downturn – like the current pandemic. That’s the secret of SRS Conveyor’s continued growth.

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Doing it her way

Betty Skoutakis came to dry cleaning from the financial sector. After purchasing Metro Cleaners in Toronto, she acquired the big one – the combined business of Sketchley and Cadet, with 80+ stores. For someone with only a few years of experience in the industry, she now had the ultimate challenge. Download PDF

WHIZ-A-TOP Streamlines its Laundry

Robert Grbavac, owner of Whiz-a-Top Linen, had his eyes opened to great opportunities when Gilbert Strassguertl of SRS Conveyors pointed out the fact that processing linen required a focus on managing the way they handled their material, as his success and profit depended on being able to move material. Download PDF

Product News: Digital conveyor controller cuts retrieval time

SRS Conveyor streamlines their conveyors to produce their digital conveyor controller, which cuts retrieval time and maximizes customer service. Download PDF

G&K’s ingenious Plant-and-Depot Operation

With their focus on expanding their national accounts and boosting their visibility in laundry service and uniform rental, G&K relies on their overhead SRS heavy-duty steam tunnel conveyors, making the growth potential of uniform rental enormous. Download PDF

Dove Cleaners on TSXV*!

As industry veterans know, it takes good systems to produce good, consistent-quality work, and Gilbert Strassgertl was up there as one of the suppliers involved in creating Dove’s new central plant. Download PDF

High-Tech and Beautiful

Fabricare Canada takes a tour of the new G&K Services plant in Windsor, Ontario, where the focus of their trip was to view the automated garment material handling system installed by SRS/Well Products Ltd. Download PDF

Racing Clean – Wire to Wire

Ever wonder how thoroughbred race silks are laundered? We sent photo editor, and long-time race fan, Ron Eckroth, to Toronto’s Woodbine track to find out – Here is his story. Download PDF

Linda Lundström Celebrates 25th Anniversary with Move to New Plant

“Movement” is the keyword throughout the operation, and for the movement of goods and materials within the plant, Lundström chose to work with Gilbert Strassguertl, of Well Products Ltd. Download PDF