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Cannabis Trolley Transport System

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Cannabis Drying Rack Trolley & Dry Room Hanging System

Maximize Every Cubic Inch of Your Drying Room

SRS Conveyors is pleased to introduce our innovative plant drying rail system, The Cannabis Trolley Transport & Dry Room Hanging System. This system provides an effective material handling solution for storing and transporting cannabis plants during the harvesting, drying, and trimming process of your production.

The system creates an efficient flow of plants while maximizing the use of your available vertical space in your facility. Plants are hung on multi-tiered rolling trolleys which can link together to form a train. This enables you to carry and transport 1000’s of plants at once. The trolleys can be left directly inside humidity controlled drying rooms, eliminating the lengthy step of hanging and collecting plants between each production phase.

The Cannabis Trolley Transport & Dry Room Hanging System is a customized solution engineered to meet your needs; the system is completely modular and very flexible and designed to fit your building, volume, and budget.


  • Hanging racks are removable
  • Easy to load and retrieve
  • Hanging tiers are adjustable
  • Maximize every cubic inch of your drying room
  • Transport 1000’s of plants
  • GMP certifiable
  • Easy to maintain

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