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Model VD-12 Garment Mechanical Sorting

The VD-12 Mechanical Sorting System provides big performance without the cost of a high performance sorting system.


  • Single or multiple loading points
  • Sorts up to 1200 garments per hour
  • Up to 24 drop stations
  • 10 or 12 hook carriers
  • Modular design
  • Variable speed drives
  • Adjustable probes set at picking height

With its tried and true technique, this sorting system is simple and easy to use making it ideal for first, second or third sorts.


The VD-12 Mechanical Sortarion Conveyor Operation & Design

First Sort:

Once garments are processed through the garment finishing equipment they are then ready for the VD-12 First Sort Conveyor which could consist of route, account or size depending on the application.  Sorting up to 1200 garments per hour they are mechanically discharged onto our H-800 Accumulation Rails or gravity rail ready to be processed for a second sort.

Second Sort:

The operator would then select a route to be sorted with a second VD-12 Sortation Conveyor which would consist of an Account Sort.

Third Sort:

The third and final sort has many options.  One is by using our S-600 Sort to Light Conveyor which allows the operator to scan a garment then hang on a defined slot on the conveyor.  Once an order is complete the S-600 Sort to Light Conveyor will indicate this to the operator to remove and tie out the garment for clean storage.  Another option, the garment can be pushed from the account sort line to a manual sort rail for final sort and tie out for clean storage.

Clean Storage:

Once the garments have been sorted and transferred automatically or manually to trolleys they then can be taken up and out of the way to clean storage with our S-300 Power and Free Trolley System.  Automatically entered via bar code / RF Chip or Manually the S-300 provides the traffic logic required to maximize and keep track of your overhead clean storage.  Retrieving garment trolleys for shipment is simply done by entering the designated route line.  The S-400 Route Retrieval will automatically dispense the selected line along with the number of trolleys for that particular route and transport these trolleys to the loading dock for loading.

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