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Model S-600 Garment Assembly

The S-600 Garment Assembly automatically sorts and assembles customers’ orders in an effortless manner.  Using only one operator, garments can be assembled at a rate of 500 per hour by having the conveyor move via the S-600 instead of the operator.  Designed with a micro-processor the S-600 Garment Auto Assembly Controller integrates with most POS Systems and makes operating and installation a breeze.

The S-600 is typically used with our AC-180 Assembly Conveyor or ST-360 Standard Conveyor, but can also be incorporated into your existing conveyor system providing the flexibility to meet your garment assembly needs.


S-600 Sortation Conveyor Operation & Design

The S-600 automatically sorts and assembles garments in retail and wholesale environments.  Integrated with your POS system the operator simply scans or enters the garment id in which the S-600 will rotate and indicate where the garment should be placed on the conveyor.  No more walking, errors or confusion.  This operation of combining orders is repeated for the entire batch.  If however an order is complete during this operation the S-600 will indicate to the operator to remove the order from the conveyor and hence ready for tie out and bagging.

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