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Model H-800 Garment Sorting

H-800 & H-800 LG

By integrating the H-800 Low Pressure Accumulation Conveyor with the H-800 LG (Multi-trans Conveyor System) the result is a high-speed sorter and transporting of garments.  UP to 10,000 garments per hour can be sorted or commissioned fast and accurately.  The method of identifying includes bar code, RF chip, dedicated or visual creating minimal to no human garment interventions in the sorting process.


The H-800 carriers catch and drag the hangers and release them only when they hit upon a point of resistance.  Even the short necked “problem hangers” with protruding tips or other obstacles are smoothly transported. .  An aluminum base profile is provided with a guide track of synthetic material carrying an endless roller chain to which the plastic carriers are attached.  Combined with a hanger guide this guarantees consistent garment spacing and low noise transportation.  Transfer slick rails are designed for a secure and seamless connection to other system components.

H-800 LG

The H-800 LG transports hangers along pins which are embedded in a special plastic and fixed on a chain.  Problem hangers with short hanger necks, high set brackets or similar items are transported without difficulty.  The H-800 LG construction is well designed, easy to install/maintain and low noise output. Connecting device ensure secure and seamless connections to other components of the system.


H-800 Sortation Conveyor Operation & Design

The H-800 Accumulation Conveyor and the H-800 LG Multi-Trans Conveyor systems application can include transportation, storage and sortation of garments.  By designing these conveyors in a Cycle Sortation layout up to 10,000 garments can be sorted per hour.  Once garments have been identified through the induction station via barcode, RF Chip or manually entered they are then transported via the H-800 LG to the selected H-800 Accumulation Conveyor.  At this stage the garments will be cycle sorted and distributed to a second H-800 LG for transit, ready for S-300 Route Storage.

S-300 Route Storage

Once the garments have been sorted and transferred automatically or manually to trolleys that can be taken up and out of the way to clean storage with our S-300 Power and Free Trolley System.  Automatically entered via bar code / RF Chip or Manually the S-300 provides the traffic logic required to maximize and keep track of your overhead clean storage.

S-400 Route Retrieval

Retrieving garment trolleys for shipment is simply done by entering the designated route line.  The S-400 will automatically dispense the selected line along with the number of trolleys for that particular route and transport these trolleys to the loading dock for loading.

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