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Static Garment Storage Racks

Maximizing your garment on hanger (GOH) storage in the most economic and efficient manner is what SRS Static Garment Storage Racks provide.  The Static Garment Storage Racks have the ability utilize every cubic metre of your warehouse which normally would be unused by creating multiple levels of garment storage.  Order picking and transporting of garments is fast and efficient with the incorporation of our T-200 Rail System.  Multi level catwalk/aisles and storage & retrieval systems also allow for the reduction of the overall footprint while maximizing your cubic space.  Standard components are used and offer the adjustability garment racks need to provide a flexible system which can be easily adapted to seasonal and stylish changes in the garment industry.

Since 1962, SRS has been a leader in garment storage.


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Since 1962, SRS has been a leader in the engineering and manufacture of Garment Rails (GOH) Systems.

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